How was Zipper-Boots created? - Part II

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To learn more about this new world for us, we first discovered about the whole process involved in the creation of a shoe, from the moment the sketch is made until it materialises and ends up in the box on its way to its final destination.

It was a very informative day in which we learned a lot and appreciated all the work and effort behind the manufacture of footwear. A few days later we met with the model maker, who was also surprised by this idea. He would confirm if the design we had in mind could be possible or not.

After a few weeks and thanks to the work of all this team of professionals, we had in our hands the first prototype of "the boots with zipper".

Can you imagine our excited faces when we saw the boot before us on that table? Yes, our eyes were sparkling with excitement and we were beaming with delight. The boot that my daughter imagined in her mind was now a reality.

Days later, with the help of the model maker, we managed to improve the prototype, since the boot initially had three zippers and not two.

We spent many days trying to figure out how to make our boots look good while at the same time being comfortable to wear. After many tests on countless legs, we finally got what would be the final boot. Now we had to give a name to these zipper boots and register this design that we had never seen before.


Finding the name for our brand and design was not difficult, as you can imagine, since zipper is zipper and boots are boots. (words that I didn't know given my limited English vocabulary).

Every time we said Zipper-Boots, the more we liked how it sounded, although I must admit that at first it was funny to see how my daughters laughed when they heard how my husband and I pronounced these words. And so it was, as between the four of us we decided that ZIPPER-BOOTS would be the name for this idea that has managed to open an unimaginable door for us in the fashion world. 

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Me parece una idea estupenda. Muy bonita historia. ¡Mucha suerte!



Preciosa historia y una gran idea llevada a cabo. Mucha suerte!!! Yo ya estoy deseando poder estrenar mis primeras Zipper-boots :)



¡Menuda historia!
¡Me encanta!
Vais a llegar muy lejos, estoy segura.

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