The fashion of Emily in Paris: trend-setting zebra boots for women

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I've told you before about my favourite series, Sex and the City, and Carrie Bradshow's outfits, which were the envy of thousands of women. To some of you it may seem like an old series, but its designer, Patricia Fields, is the same one who is now in charge of the daring designs of the series currently followed by all the fashion addicts like me: Emily in Paris.

The series has been a hit on Netflix and a huge influence on the fashion and style of many women. The main character, Emily Cooper, looks amazing in every episode. I have to admit that her outfits are a mix of extravagance and a touch of Parisian chic. They are looks that don't go unnoticed, and that's precisely what they are intended to do: arouse different feelings in the viewer.

One of the recurring outfits in the series is animal print in all its varieties, but today I'm going to talk about zebra print in particular.

We've seen Emily Cooper in a black and white zebra print Dolce & Gabana jacket. Or her boss Sylvie in a bold zebra dress in black and beige. Her friend Camille also looks stunning in a pair of black and white zebra high boots in one of the chapters.

If you are a fashionista and want to wear these looks like the stars of your favourite series, read on. You will discover the current trends in zebra boots and how to combine them for different occasions.


Zebra print is a must-have for the winter season. Whether you opt for boots, clothing or accessories, this print will add a touch of style and personality to any look.

These animal print boots are available in a range of colours, from classic black and white to more vibrant shades such as red and green. You can choose the pair that best suits your tastes and outfits.

If what you want is a really innovative boot, you can opt for our HERO design, a high boot with a zebra print in black and white, which can also be converted into an ankle boot. Enjoy a tall boot or an ankle boot as you please.

Another point in favour of these boots is that they are very comfortable. They are made of premium quality split leather: a soft and warm material, which will keep you warm all day long. Besides, their slip-resistant sole will allow you to walk safely on slippery surfaces. The low heel will allow you to wear them all day long.

bota y botín animal print cebra


Women's zebra print boots go with a wide variety of outfits, from trousers to skirts and dresses.

You can combine them with a more casual look, with jeans and a sweatshirt. In this case, you can also take advantage of the bootie mode, since it will give a fun touch to your outfit.

For a more formal event, combine the boots with a black dress and a long coat. Don't forget to add a handbag and earrings for an extra touch of style.

If you want to look like Emily in Paris, get a pair of Hero women's boots for your winter wardrobe now.

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