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There are many brands of women's boots, but you won't find many as innovative as Zipper-Boots brand. Their boots convertible into ankle boots or boots with interchangeable shafts, as they are also called, do not go unnoticed. This is what fashionistas are looking for: to feel unique with models that attract all eyes.
But how did these designs that have revolutionised footwear fashion come about? Read on to discover the inspiring story behind the founding of Zipper-Boots. Explore with us their origins, challenges and achievements.
This is not just a story of entrepreneurship, it is the emotional and compelling tale of two visionary sisters who have transformed their passion for fashion into a successful business.

An unexpected origin

Almost three years ago, two sisters, Alejandra and Estefanía, shared a passion for fashion design. Although neither of them were professionally dedicated to the sector, they dreamed of creating their own footwear line. With determination and perseverance, the idea that was in their heads would soon become a reality.
The start of the Zipper-Boots project was completely unexpected. It all began in Orihuela, their hometown, with the idea of transforming tall boots into ankle boots. From that moment on, their lives took a very different direction.

Initial Challenges

The launch of the first collection of boots convertible into ankle boots, "Divas Collection", now renamed "Limited Edition", surprised customers with an excellent reception.
However, the road to entrepreneurship was not without obstacles. The lack of business experience posed significant challenges. And on the other hand, the manufacturing process proved to be more complicated than anticipated, thus delaying the launch of new models.
zipper-boots founders
Despite the difficulties, they worked tirelessly every day with the goal of soon offering new collections of boots that could be converted into booties. Like two sisters with the same purpose, Alejandra and Estefania refused to give up and looked for creative solutions to overcome every obstacle that came their way.

Product Development Strategies

With a focus on quality and innovation, the sisters dedicated themselves to the design and development of unique women's boots. They collaborated with local manufacturers in the Spanish Levant and used high quality materials to ensure excellence in every pair of boots.
The first factory they collaborated with made everything very simple. With them they made the first samples that would later make up the "Limited Edition". However, due to circumstances beyond their control, the factory had to close. This was the first significant setback. They found themselves in a precarious situation overnight. The collection of new reeds for the boots of the line that had already been launched was incomplete. This situation generated a great deal of frustration among the founders, as they had even announced them in advance on social networks.  

In search of a new factory

After the setback of the first collaboration, it was essential to carry out a thorough study of the new manufacturer. This became a difficult and tedious search. They needed nearby factories willing to make new designs on a tight budget and without minimum production requirements. But, this is no easy task. Most factories did not fit the bill. Some because of the difficulties associated with creating a new design with a zip system, and others because of minimum production requirements.
zipper-boot manufacturers

In the end, one factory accepted all conditions. The new "CASUAL" line was successfully launched. This line was created especially for all women looking for style and versatility at a more affordable price. However, not everything was a bed of roses, as the lack of punctuality in the execution of the processes generated significant delays. Alejandra and Estefania were not willing to waste any more time.
At that point, they opted to establish contact with a known factory to continue production.
As Estefania says: "This decision turned out to be the right one, and we are currently concentrating on the launch of our new collection. We are deeply grateful for the collaboration and feel supported by their constant support, which is very important to us. 

Sustainable Growth and Recognition

Zipper-Boots is gaining recognition in the footwear industry. Its convertible women's boots into ankle boots are becoming a symbol of style and quality, attracting both local and international customers.
The Zipper-Boots company is constantly growing in its search for new horizons. It is committed to sustainable development and to the well-being of others. Proof of this is the collaboration with manufacturers certified by the Leather Working Group. It ensures that all suppliers comply with the sustainability and social responsibility standards set by this organisation.
This is the story of Zipper-Boots, but it won't stop there. You can be part of it too, enjoy our current collections and more to come!
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