Find out which boots and ankle boots style your legs the best and how to combine them.

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It's often difficult to choose the boots and ankle boots that best slim our figure. To be honest, I'm the first one to go crazy when it comes to choosing the shoes that suit me best, but that's all over now!
Are you looking for that touch of elegance that only a well-selected pair of boots can offer you? Discover in this article how to choose the boots and ankle boots that best suit your legs and how to combine them.
Boots and ankle boots are more than just clothing accessories; they are a statement of your personality. However, finding the perfect pair that slims your legs can be a challenge.

What makes some boots more stylish than others?

The "infinity legs" effect of boots depends on several factors. The height of the heel, the length of the shaft and the fit around the ankle and calf are decisive. In addition, colour and material also play a crucial role in the visual perception of the length and shape of the legs.

Types of boots and ankle boots that slenderise the legs:

  1. High-heeled boots: They visually lengthen the legs and create a slimmer silhouette.
  2. Ankle boots with elongated toes: They help to slim the legs, especially when combined with tight-fitting trousers.
  3. High-top boots: Ideal for slim legs, as they fit smoothly around the calf, creating a slimming appearance. They can help to visually lengthen the legs, so they are also an excellent choice for short girls.

Tips on boots and ankle boots for your leg shape

When choosing boots or ankle boots, consider your body type, height and the occasion you'll be wearing them for. Try different styles and colours to find what best suits your personal style and needs. For example, depending on your leg type:
  • For short legs: Opt for high-heeled, low-cut ankle boots to lengthen the line of your legs.
  • For slim legs: Tight boots are ideal for adding volume and creating a more balanced look. If you prefer ankle boots, round toe ankle boots can be a stylish and comfortable option for slim legs.
  • For wider legs: Choose ankle boots with vertical details such as zips or laces for visually longer legs.

Fashionable combinations with boots and ankle boots

  • With skinny jeans: Combine high-heeled ankle boots with skinny jeans for a casual chic look.
  • With "total look": the white outfit with SAVAGE high-heeled ankle boots offers an elegant proposal for a dinner or special event.
leopard ankle boots with slim heel total look white
  • With leggings or opaque tights: The high boots perfectly complement leggings or opaque tights for an elegant winter look.
  • With skirts or dresses: Opt for tall boots with skirts or dresses for a feminine and sophisticated style. Combine our SAVAGE leopard print high boots with knitted dresses like the most popular it girls.
leopard high boots with a red wool dress
The right boots and ankle boots can completely transform an outfit, adding elegance and style instantly. With the variety of styles available, there are options for every body type and occasion, so dare to experiment and discover how this footwear can style your legs in a surprising way!
Want to add a look with boots or ankle boots? Comment below and follow us for more ideas on women's footwear fashion.

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