combinaciones botas de mujer y bolsos

Are you one of those women who love boots? Me too! Boots, whether tall or mid-calf, as well as ankle boots, are the perfect complement to any outfit. Moreover, they are ideal to give a different touch to any look. Women's boots are a key garment in our wardrobe, a must-have. But, do you know how to combine them with handbags? In this article, I will give you some style tips to match women's boots and handbags like a fashion expert.

How to match women's boots and handbags of the same colour

The first option is always the easiest. If you don't want to risk too much, you can choose boots and handbags in the same colour. This is especially advisable if you are just starting to combine these types of accessories. For example, if you have black high boots, like our DEJA VÙ BLACK, you can choose a black handbag, it never fails!

The most innovative combination of boots and bags: the contrast of colours

If you feel like taking a risk, I suggest a combination with contrasting colours. In this case, the ideal is that the boots and the handbag are of different colours, but that they match each other. For example, you can combine camel boots with a brown bag. Or burgundy boots with a blue bag, which will give a fun and different touch to your outfit!

Combination of textures

Would you like to wear a more daring combination? Then try combining boots and handbags of different textures.

For example, if your boots have a soft texture, such as suede boots, HERO, you can opt for a bag with a more rigid texture, such as leather.

combinacion botas de ante con bolso de cuero

Or, if your boots are made of smooth leather, you can combine them with an animal print or embossed leather bag. You can also try leather boots with a fabric bag for an original look!

Printed boots and handbags without being overdone

Prints can add an interesting touch to your look, but it's important to use them in moderation. If your boots have a bold print, like our SAVAGE leopard print boots, opt for a single colour handbag. Or, if your handbag has a fun print, like polka dots, make sure your boots are simpler.

Size matters, and matters a lot

When it comes to matching boots and bags, it's important to consider the size of each. If you're wearing tall boots, a small handbag is ideal. If you're wearing mid-calf boots or ankle boots, you can opt for a larger handbag. Balance the visual weight between bag and boots to get the perfect outfit! 

botas altas negras con bolso pequeño beige

Choose the right handbag and boots for the occasion

It's crucial to choose the right bag for the occasion. If you're going to a formal event, an elegant clutch bag with tall boots in neutral colours may be the best option. But if you're going on a casual outing to the mall, you'll want to opt for a cross-body bag with ankle boots or combat boots.

Boots and handbags from the same brand?

Last but not least, there is the option of choosing boots and handbags from the same brand. Many brands have complete collections that include both boots and handbags. If you opt for this option, you can be sure that the accessories are designed to match each other perfectly. You won't go wrong!

In conclusion, matching women's boots and handbags is a task that may seem complicated, but, if you follow some basic tips, it's actually very easy. With these guidelines, you'll be able to wear an incredibly stylish outfit, so don't hesitate to try all the options!

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