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Summer is here, the heat is here and, with it, the change of wardrobe. I'm sure you've already left your boots and ankle boots forgotten in some inhospitable corner of your house, waiting for better times.

 Mmmmeeec, wrong!!!!

Don't you know the latest footwear trends? Well, yes, boots and ankle boots are also for summer. This typical footwear of the colder months, has been gaining prominence in the summer period for a few years now.

Although with this heat, it doesn't seem the most practical, there is life beyond flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles, and other summer footwear...

Go away from the conventional and go for timeless footwear such as women's boots and ankle boots that will bring a very chic style to your summer look.

If you want to know how to wear your women's boots and ankle boots in summer, read on. We'll show you how to wear them to get that magazine look that everyone will envy.


If in winter, despite the cold, we wear boots with dresses or skirts, why not wear them now in summer?

The ideal way to wear boots and ankle boots in summer and not die trying is to create balanced combinations with garments that provide the necessary freshness and comfort.

For this reason, floral dresses, very summery, in fresh fabrics, combine perfectly with mid-calf boots or ankle boots in plain colours.


When we talk about the summer time, we immediately think of the beach, the sun and the 40 degrees in some areas. But the holiday period can also take us to other places where this is conspicuous by its absence.

What if we visit a Nordic country during our holidays, wouldn't you pack your favourite boots? I'm sure you'd miss them if you only took a pair of sandals.

And don't forget those long jeans that you love so much, because, combined with a pair of high black boots, you'll get that perfect look for summer nights wherever you are.


One of the most common outfits in summer is any combination of a t-shirt or blouse with shorts, whether they are jeans or plain.

It is a fresh and casual style that we can combine with boots or ankle boots with a lower heel and, thus, wear a casual look perfect for your summer day to day.

Another option, if you are more daring, is to combine your plain shorts with a high boot with a stiletto heel that will make you look very sexy.

 Botín mujer serpiente FREEDOM

Here we have shown you the basic outfits for this summer, but there are thousands of combinations with women's boots or ankle boots that will surprise you.

You only need to discover the options shown by celebrities and influencers who have made boots and ankle boots an essential accessory in their summer looks.

Do you dare to try any of these outfits with women's boots this summer?

And remember, if you're going on a trip, don't leave your boots or ankle boots at home.

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