How to wear the perfect heel: 4 tips to keep in mind

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  • In general, high-heeled shoes are spectacular, but they are not always comfortable to wear. Excessive use of high heels can often lead to leg or even back pain.

As designer Christian Louboutin would say, "high heels are a painful pleasure".

Here are 4 basic tips on how to wear the perfect heel in any situation:

Choose the right shoe size

One of the most common mistakes is not choosing the right size when buying boots, ankle boots or shoes.

If the size is too small, it will cause injuries, pain and over time, deformities in the feet: the dreaded "bunions".

If, on the other hand, the size is too big, the foot will move forward and cause instability. And... we don't want to look like a dizzy duck, do we?

That's why we must be very sure of our boot or shoe size so that we don't suffer more than we should.

To make it more comfortable, another option would be to buy boots or shoes one size bigger and use gel insoles that will relieve us in each step.

Calculate the height of the heel

Not all of us have the same height or the same foot length. What may be comfortable for one person may be a real ordeal for another. That's why it's vitally important to calculate how many centimetres of heel our feet can take.

With these simple formulas you will forget about discomfort:

  • The length of your foot divided by 7 will give you the ideal heel length for everyday shoes or boots. According to the experts it should be under 4 cm.
  • To calculate the ideal heel for party shoes or boots, the formula varies. In this case, we would measure the length between the pad of the foot and our heel, and that would be the optimal heel size. Normally between 7 and 9 cm.
  • If we prefer an intermediate heel, the calculation is as follows:
    • We divide our height in cm by the length of our legs and subtract 1.61 from the result.
    • Then we multiply it by 10 and it will give us the ideal cm for a midi heel.

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Wear boots or shoes made of quality material

The material your boots or shoes are made of has a significant influence on the quality of your stride. Synthetic materials are usually more rigid, so a very high heel will not respect the natural curvature of our foot and will cause more discomfort and pain.

Natural materials such as leather adapt perfectly to our feet. That is why heels on leather shoes or boots are much more comfortable to wear.

Check the base of the shoe or boot

Aplatform type base will always be more stable, so we will be more comfortable, relieving the weight that supports our foot.

We should also pay attention to the toes. The upward curved toes limit the space where the metatarsus rests. This will be more painful if we want to wear our boots or high heels for a prolonged period of time.

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