Botas de mujer leopardo SAVAGE

One more year, we continue betting on the stylish animal print. With that daring and sexy air, garments, footwear and accessories inspired by wildlife are making their way into our wardrobes.

But where does this animal print style come from?

Animal print dates back to prehistoric times. It could be said that it was the first known type of clothing, made with animal skins of all kinds: zebra, leopard, snake, tiger, crocodile... Many even venture to define it as the oldest fashion in the world.

Some time later, its use became popular among the upper classes, as it denoted wealth.

In the 1920s and 1930s, when women's fashion became more daring, animal print began to be seen, captivating film stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Carole Lombard.

After World War II, when fashion became more sober, leopard print was revived by Christian Dior in 1947.

From then on, Hollywood stars such as Ava Gardner, politicians such as Jackie Kennedy and royalty such as Grace Kelly adopted animal print as a wardrobe staple.

And so to this day, animal print has become a must-have in our everyday outfits.

Animal print: your must-have look this summer

Whether it's on clothing, shoes or accessories, this summer you can't go without your animal print look.

We have seen the wide variety of prints inspired by animal skin patterns that exist, but, without a doubt, the ones that stand out the most in 2022 are leopard, zebra, tiger or snake.

Animal print is a print that never goes out of fashion. It is present in every season and, for this reason, it becomes a basic that we must combine with balance. Above all, do not fall into excess.

As for clothes, animal print combines perfectly with jeans or leather trousers, showing a more casual look. Or we can also play with the more sophisticated contrast of black, white or camel.

We can't leave behind the animal print in footwear. At any time of the year, animal print looks great on our feet, adapting to any outfit like a glove.

In boots, ankle boots, sandals, moccasins, trainers, pumps... the animal print will not go unnoticed and will give prominence to your most basic garments.

The HERO zebra print boots are one of the most elegant combinations of black and white. You can combine them with your most casual look and with their low heel they become one of the most comfortable boots in our collection.

Botín mujer cebra HERO

If you want a more sophisticated touch, try the SAVAGE leopard print boots with a total look in black for that evening event and you will be the queen of the night. Also with a basic colour like this red one on our model, the boots take centre stage. 

Botín mujer leopardo SAVAGE

Last but not least, let's not forget the eternal snake print of our FREEDOM women's boots. They are a key piece to wear with an infinite number of outfits. Its three tones: black, silver and pink will allow you to create unlimited combinations. Without a doubt, this model is one of my favourites. A boot that will surely be a trend this winter too.

botin mujer serpiente Freedom

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