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Animal print has always had fans and haters alike. But, what is undeniable is that one more year, leopard, snake or zebra prints are flooding the catwalks. The new collections of Michael Kors and Roberto Cavalli prove it.

These prints are the favourite of influencers of all ages, who wear them with a sophisticated yet rebellious style.

One of the animal prints in trend is the snake print. Both in garments and accessories, it evokes a cool air that will brighten up our winter evenings.

When it comes to footwear, snakeskin boots and ankle boots, like our FREEDOM model, have a more casual, but no less attractive style.

Remember the Crocodile Dundee total snake look? Ha ha ha ha. Honestly, there's no need to go to such extremes. Snakeskin boots are extremely versatile, so we can create stylish combinations like the ones we show you below.


Although it may seem difficult to combine, the snake print allows us to wear an infinite number of different looks, either total look or with separate garments. 

Snakeskin boots with basic black trousers:

If you don't like excesses, but you don't want to do without your snakeskin boots this winter, this outfit is for you.

The snakeskin boots or ankle boots will give a daring touch to your basic garments: a pair of straight black trousers and a jumper in a neutral tone. Add a blazer and it's the perfect look for a day of shopping. Casual and cool in equal parts.

Snakeskin boots with a total black look:

This look is a must-have, as it stands out both in the most formal events and with more casual outfits.

Snakeskin boots with a black dress will make you the centre of attention. They will give you that sophisticated air with which you will not go unnoticed. Try it at your next party and you won't be disappointed.

If you are more into streetwear, try this comfortable outfit of black cargo trousers and tank top in the same colour with your snakeskin ankle boots

botin de serpiente de mujer freedom

Snakeskin boots with jeans:

How could we not talk about the eternal jeans! You already know that we love this garment, and it always goes well with our best boots.

It's the easiest way to combine snake boots: a simple pair of jeans with a shirt never fails. You will look stylish and comfortable at the same time. A perfect street style look for everyday wear.

Snakeskin boots with a dress or short skirt:

A short dress, either a wool dress or a short knitted skirt, are garments that adapt very well to any type of boot.

In this case, snakeskin boots will stand out with short dresses or skirts, with straight and somewhat fitted cuts, and above all, in basic tones that do not detract from the prominence of the boot.

Did you like these outfits with snakeskin print boots? Don't hesitate to share your ideas in our comments.

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