Autumn news: Zipper-Boots lands in the Murcian capital with Belmon Shoes

zipper-boots en tiendas Belmon Murcia

Autumn brings new products and Zipper-Boots is not going to be left behind.

Starting this week, Zipper-Boots will be selling the most innovative women's boots in collaboration with Belmon Shoes shops in Murcia.

So, if you are from this city, you can now enjoy the brand that is revolutionising the world of footwear in shops.

But who is this new partner?

Belmon Shoes is a chain store that has several shops in the Region of Murcia. It offers a wide selection of multi-brand footwear at the best price and for the whole family.

It is a company with an unbeatable track record and it was our first choice to make the leap to the physical store in Murcia.

So, with great enthusiasm, we contacted them to arrange a meeting, where we discussed the possibility of introducing Zipper-Boots in shops.

Not only were they captivated by the innovative design, but they also liked the idea of a possible collaboration. In the end, the agreement was agreed to start in autumn 2022.

We have put a lot of effort and dedication into this new phase of the business, and we know that it is difficult, but necessary to achieve our goals.

Why did we choose to sell in physical shops?

At Zipper-Boots we have always sought excellence in customer service. For this reason, we work daily with a process of quality and efficiency, not only in manufacturing, but also in shipping and after-sales.

We rely on local footwear craftsmen who always offer us superior quality materials and allow us to manufacture exclusive women's boots. You can find all this in our online shop, where we offer the best service.

However, we also wanted to reach another type of clients who need to try the product and find it more convenient to go to a physical shop.

We have listened to our followers and, starting this week, you will be able to enjoy your brand of women's boots with interchangeable shafts in two Belmon Shoes shops in the capital of Murcia.

One of them is in the heart of the city, at Traperia Street, number 30, and the second one is in the shopping area of Fuensanta Square, number 2 (Hispania Building).

What models of women's boots can you find in these two shops?

In these two shops in the city of Murcia, you will find our 4 best-selling women's boots:

botas de mujer zipper-boots

Our collaboration with the two Belmon Shoes shops in Murcia, joins the one we already had with Elvi Gisele in Torrevieja.

What are you waiting for to visit us? Do you think this collaboration is a good idea?

Don't hesitate to share your ideas in our comments.

Follow our blog and we will inform you of curiosities and latest fashion news.

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