Boot and ankle boots fun facts you've never been told - Part I

curiosidades historia botas

Whenever I think about the amount of boots and ankle boots I have, I remember with envy the wardrobe that Mr. Big gives Carrie Bradshaw in the film "Sex and the City". Do you remember?

I have to admit that there are two things I can't do without: bags and boots. These two fashion accessories can turn a simple outfit into a spectacular look. All it takes is a subtle touch of creativity and the combination is perfect.

Boots and ankle boots drive us crazy, and designers know it. That's why today we have so many models of boots and ankle boots like the ones in our LIMITED EDITION collection, which allow you to wear a different design for every occasion.

But did you know the origin of our most adored footwear, or how it has evolved into the contemporary boot we know?

Learn about this and much more with the curiosities about boots and ankle boots that you've never been told. Shall we get started?

Origin of boots as protective footwear

There are first traces of boots as early as 15000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.

At that time they were worn by men and women alike, and their main function was to protect, not only from the cold, but also in the performance of their daily tasks.

We will leave fashions and styles for later.

Julius Caesar's golden boots

Boots have always been associated with the world of war. The Romans had to replace their famous sandals with leather boots with nails in the sole, the so-called Caligae. With them they were able to fight the cold during their incursions into Northern Europe.

It is said that Julius Caesar even had boots made of solid gold for his Gallic War. Better dead than plain!

Queen Victoria, ambassador of the women's boot

With the arrival of the 19th century, women began to leave the house more often and the design of women's boots took off: more delicate models with buttons or bows.

In this context, Queen Victoria of England popularised what was called the "Balmoral boot" in honour of the Scottish people. It covered the ankle, had a thick sole and was made of leather. Later, other materials such as silk or taffeta were added, turning them into party footwear.

botas balmoral victorianas

The heel of boots, only for women?

The heel has not always been a symbol of femininity as we know it. In fact, the heel was invented by the Hittites for a purely practical purpose: it helped to secure riders' feet in the stirrup. And, of course, boots were the first to wear it. It emerged as a heel that was attached to the boot, which later evolved into today's heel.

Centuries later, in the 17th century, heels had already spread throughout Europe and began to be more associated with styling. In the France of Louis XIV, in 1670, they became so fashionable that a decree was made that only the nobility could wear high heels. And all to conceal their short stature.

That's it for today. Don't miss the next post where I will continue telling you more curious things about the world of boots.

Do you know any other curiosity? Don't hesitate to share it in our comments.

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