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We love suede boots. We are not going to deny it. They are comfortable and versatile boots thanks to the softness that this type of leather provides. You can wear them all day long, and you won't even notice.

Suede is a very versatile material. In fact, it is one of the most malleable materials used by footwear manufacturers.

However, it is not all advantages. Suede boots are also very delicate, and cleaning them can be a headache.

Here are the definitive tips on how to clean your suede boots. Shall we get started?

How to clean your suede boots and ankle boots

This type of leather is made from the inner part of the animal's hide. It is therefore more porous, which allows it to absorb more moisture and, consequently, the dreaded stains. But as not all stains are the same, I will explain what to do in each case.

Water stains

First of all, if you know it's going to rain, be cautious and don't wear suede shoes. There are products that waterproof leather, but it's best to avoid suede footwear on these days.

If the rain catches you unawares, don't worry, as water spots can be fixed.

In the case of a few drops, rub with a cloth to remove excess moisture and let them air dry.

If, on the other hand, the rain has soaked your suede boots, you should dry them at room temperature. Put blotting paper in your boots beforehand to prevent them from deforming. Do not use newspaper, because although it is very absorbent, its ink could fade and stain your boots.

In any case, drying should not be done in the sun because it will damage the leather and affect the colour.

A final brushing will make your suede boots look as good as new.

Mud or dust stains

These stains are the easiest to remove.

The most important thing is to wait for the mud to dry completely. Once dry, brush the boots until no dirt remains. If any remains persist, you can use a toothbrush on that particular area, but be careful not to damage the leather.

Grease stains

If the stain is recent, remove excess moisture by pressing with a cotton pad, but without rubbing so as not to spread the grease further. Then apply talcum powder to the stain and let it dry for at least 8 hours. Once dry, brush gently to remove the talcum powder residue.

If the stain is already dry, the most effective way is to use a mixture of water with a little ammonia. Apply the mixture by brushing in the natural direction of the skin and let it air dry. Try it on an inconspicuous area first, just in case.

Surface stains

For these cases, stains caused by trampling, rubbing, etc., simply rub with an eraser.

Yes, that's right! There are special erasers for cleaning suede, but you can also use a simple school eraser like a Milan eraser. The stains on your boots will disappear with a simple gesture.

Finally, brush off the remains and your boots will look like the first day.

One last trick, believe it or not, is to use a cotton swab dipped in micellar water to rub the stain. Another practical use of our usual make-up remover. And of course, don't miss the final brushing.

I hope these tips help you and encourage you to buy that suede boot or ankle boot you like so much.

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Do you know any other tips? Don't hesitate to share it in our comments.

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