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Tired of seeing the same boots and ankle boots in your wardrobe? It's time to make a difference and make a splash with Zipper-Boots.

botas mujer negras DEJA VU BLACK

The 3 in 1 boot model is created in Spain to revolutionize the world of footwear. These boots are here to stay. A versatile boot that every woman will want to have at her feet.

Zipper-Boots creates new designs of different, exclusive and daring canes. With these boots you will be able to create the ideal boot, the boot you have always imagined. Do you prefer mid-calf boots or are you more of a tall boot? No problem! Zipper-Boots has a great variety of medium, tall, fringed, patterned, plain and many more, so you can combine them with your boots.

These new reeds will be available very soon on the web and you will be able to get them separately, on our Instagram account you will be able to see some of these new models of reeds that will triumph wherever you go.

 botas mujer negras cañas intercambiables

The 6 models of the LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION have a cane included, so you can combine them, but very soon you will also be able to interchange the new canes to give a total change of style to your boots. Plain shafts, cowboy shafts or animal print shafts. As you can see, you have many options for the same boot.


Turning your tall boot into an ankle boot has never been so easy. I'm sure you've thought, I wish I had these boots in ankle boots so I could wear them with these trousers, or I'd like to wear these comfortable ankle boots if I had them in a tall boot, so I could wear them with a skirt. As you can see, you have solutions for everything, just by opening and closing a zip you can turn your tall boot into ankle boots and vice versa. Your style won't be monotonous and boring. With Zipper-Boots you'll have a new look every day.

Zipper-Boots is committed to sustainability and high quality products made in Spain that are durable. Say no to fast fashion and overproduction.

It's time to give more life to your boots.

botas mujer leopardo SAVAGE

Where are those boots from... they'll ask you.

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